proto thema

Proto Thema is one of the most popular media companies in Greece. Their presence consists of numerous assets, both online and offline.

In our co-operation, we are responsible for collecting & analysing Social Media metrics for Proto Thema (Facebook – Twitter – Instagram), (Facebook – Twitter – Instagram) & (Facebook – Twitter).

Moreover, we are consulting the Proto Thema Digital Department on any Social Media need they might have.

Having analysed more than 20.000 posts, we make recommendations based on the following variables:

  • Post Type
  • Post Length
  • Post Content
  • Posting Time (Day, Hour)
  • Hashtags’ Usage
  • Multimedia Usage
  • Filters’ Usage
  • etc.

This is the first project of this scale that we are working on and we are very proud on the results since we have managed to increase the traffic coming from owned Social Media channels by 20%.