Never Swimwear is a Greek brand that designs and produces swimwear for women. It is based on the primitive woman-being instinct and it aims to bring out the lines of the female body.

Our mission was to build and develop a simple and fully functional e-shop, equivalent to the brand’s tone and what it represents.

Therefore, we built on WordPress, based on a WP theme, while we created from scratch some of the pages for branding needs:

  1. Landing page: photos are automatically and randomly displayed in order visitors to get a sneak peak of the products
  2. Bar menu: all product categories are presented by animated and user-friendly bars while visitors can easily navigate in the website’s main sections

What’s more, we created the e-shop based on WooCommerce and we made some adjustments in order to optimise both the front & the back end.

The project was delivered in a month since our first meeting and we worked with Yannis Fetanis, who did the design for the brand identity & the website and CODEARMADA, who developed the site along with many custom features.

We are proud of the outcome since matches the client’s needs in a creative and minimal way, depicts the brand’s philosophy, while it is easy to use.