Honda created an interactive, online game to invite users and potential customers to meet the brand new Honda Civic. This project, which resides in, is 100% content driven and we were responsible for creating  it. The story was fully developed by us and resulted in the following deliverables:

  • 7 videos, each one focusing on a different feature of the car
  • 8 articles, explaining in detail the car’s abilities
  • 150+ photos, showing the characteristics of Honda Civic
  • 2 scripts for additional videos

According to the concept, Mr. Green (Panathinaikos’ mascot) stole the car (Honda Civic) of Antonis Fotsis (Panathinaikos’ player) and he discovers a different aspect of the car each day while he constantly teases A. Fotsis with SMS. Users are trying to discover where the car is and, those who finally find out its location, participate in the contest to win a Honda Civic.

The development of the game was made by Atomic Orange while the initial concept designer & the project owner was DPG Media.