Cana Laboratories was founded in Greece in 1928 and since then it has been producing and trading a broad range of health products, such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, clinical nutrition, baby care, food supplements and vitamins, cosmetics and dermo-cosmetics.

We have been assigned to design and maintain Glutenet.org, a site addressing to Greeks with celiac disease, who are gluten intolerant. More specifically in the website you will:

  1. Find information regarding gluten, celiac disease, its symptoms and ways to treat it.
  2. Learn how to avoid any kind of contamination by gluten when cooking and the right way to clean your kitchen before preparing meals for people with  gluten intolerance.
  3. Watch cooking videos with recipes free of gluten.
  4. Be informed about upcoming events or/and seminars organised by CANA Laboratories, relevant to health.
  5. Be able to learn while having fun through smart and informative quizzes, while you can also get an online certificate about gluten & celiac disease through a paid quiz.

We are proud working on this project, because we believe is important for all people to be updated on health issues.