Global Shapers Athens

The Global Shapers community is an initiative of the World Economic Forum and consists of a network of Hubs which are established and managed by young people of considerable potential, with distinct achievements and the vision to contribute to the society in which they live.

In Greece, The Global Shapers have initiated the ReGeneration program, a pioneering internship programme that aims to provide students with all the necessary tools that will help them stand out during their 6 month paid internship programme in selected companies in Greece. Through the intensive training programme and social work activities students will have the opportunity to develop great transferable skills that will help them have a dynamic business start.

Our company is responsible for ReGeneration’s online assets. More specifically, we update and maintain the website while, with porcupine‘s invaluable support, we designed the newsletter. Moreover, we are responsible for optimising newsletter’s content, reporting the results of each send-out and making strategic proposals in order to further improve newsletter’s efficiency.

The website’s CMS is WordPress and the newsletter is being sent through Mailchimp.

You can visit ReGeneration’s website in while you can see the latest newsletter here. In website’s relevant section you can subscribe for receiving the newsletter.

Prior to the launch of ReGeneration’s 3rd Cycle, we developed the Web Banners (HTML5 & Flash) to invite users to participate. Also, we designed and developed Print & Web Banners to be used in traditional and online media in order to attract more hiring partners.