Glutenet.org, a site we designed for CANA Laboratories and are responsible for its maintenance, informs people about celiac disease & gluten intolerance.

The team of CANA Laboratories was also interested in sharing delicious gluten-free recipes, since cooking for gluten intolerant people is considered to be difficult and tasteless in Greece.

Therefore, we prepared a proposal, where we are responsible for:

  • Coordinating and managing the whole project
  • Searching for a suitable food blogger/chef
  • Videos’ production:
    • Find the appropriate production team
    • Create a fully suited concept
    • Coordinate during filming
    • Supervise the videos’ editing
  • The final aesthetic & quality of the videos

Thus, we contacted Ypatia Papastamati, a famous food blogger and recognised chef, and asked her to create and cook 5 tasty meals with gluten-free products, while on camera. For the video production we worked with Yiannis Papanastasopoulos Visuals and filmed 5 videos with an average duration of 1:10 min.

The recipes we filmed were:

  1. Carrot cake with “fake” cream cheese frosting
  2. Moussaka with yoghurt
  3. Strawberry tart & avocado chocolate mousse 
  4. Zucchini pasta with fresh tomato sauce made from dates (chourmas) & sun dried tomatoes
  5. Beetroot dough pizza with goat cheese & fresh spearmint

We are very happy being part of this project, which introduces appropriate cooking for people with celiac disease, while we enjoyed working with CANA’s team, Ypatia and Yiannis .