John Kalogerakis at Better Life Day Athens 2013

Better Life Day is a conference that takes place across the world. It started from Athens in 2013 and it has taken place also in Mexico and Canada. Jetdrops is proudly co-operating with Better Life Day Athens 2014. We are responsible for:

  • creating & implementing the content marketing strategy
  • handling their social media presence on…
  • live social media coverage during the event
  • managing & growing social media community
  • setting up & optimizing the Facebook ads
  • handling their newsletter by…
    • creating content
    • optimizing its performance

Our goals were:

  • to reach more than 350.000 people
  • have a median organic reach of 15%
  • have a median engagement of 4%
  • increase the Facebook community by 25% or 700 people
  • increase the Twitter followers by 50% or 100 people

The results of our involvement were:

  • more than 1.000.000 people were reached
  • the median organic reach was 16.51%
  • the median engagement was 7.82%
  • the Facebook community was increased by 700 people
  • the Twitter followers were increased by 161 people
  • the YouTube video surpassed 2.700 views
  • the average open rate for the newsletter was 37.34% while the industry average, according to mailchimp, is 18.74%.

Better Life Day Athens 2014 took place in May 31st, 2014.